$27.08. usd BUY HERE includes international standard shipping charges. you get one solid Copper Pyramid Kunda specifically tuned by its form to Agni Hotra timing, a FREE lesson on Skype and my COMPLETE instructions in digital format 47 page pdf ebok.

if you already have a full fire kit and find you want to do both ceremonial yajna/pujas and medicinal/remedial homa/havans, you will need an extra pyramid kund.

the homas which are meant to be medicinal/remedial must be done with nothing more than the basic 3 pure ingredients of cows dung, cows pure ahimsa ghee and akshat ubroken rice. no other ingredients should come in contact with that kund at any time. so that the ash produced is pure enough for making remedies.

other yajnas may include camphor, havan samagri, herbs, dhoop, black sesame, raw sugar, flowers, fruits, barley, sacred woods, normal rice, etc. the kund used for these yajnas will not be used for making medicinal ash.

by post you get:
*Copper Kund, — the kund pyramid is 6-3/16 square x 3- 3/16 tall on the outer angle. the inside top measures 5-3/4 square. the bottom outer is 2-1/4 square.
*shawl wrapping

by email you will get:
my own 47 page ebook and a timing sheet based on where you live. the ebook includes:
* how exactly to perform agni hotra foundational sunrise / sunset yajna
* basic yajna for meditation, peace and healing
* several Sanskrit mantras designated for yajna and their meanings
* how to make ghee and dry cow dung patties needed for correct performance of the yajnas
* where to purchase ghee and dry cow dung patties online if you dont want to make them
* background and insight into the meaning behind these rituals
* skype or email support including your initial lesson FREE when your kit arrives and you have assembled the ingredients, message me here – can be done by skype video for best results.

you would need to add:
-a brick, stone or 2 pieces of tile stacked up to protect the surface you practice on. if you are outdoors you can place directly on the earth.
-a satellite clock or mobile phone with seconds showing exact timing.
-the app (additonal purchase link given in ebook) or a printout free online.
-glass or metal containers for :
-ghee you can make or buy readymade
-whole dry rice
-dried cow patties which you can make or get locally.
-a metal tray is a nice thing to put the whole set-up on for easy moving outdoors if it becomes too smoky indoors or just to store it easily.

optionally you can add copper spoon, dish and tongs also available here or by messaging me.

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