Rev. Amma Niradhara takes prayer requests. she will hold your requests for the intercession of the Higher Good while in prayer at Agni Hotra time. with the blazing fire, the offering is made. The nature of Sandhya Time is known to many elemental based systems of practice. some call it Daybreak & Twilight, Dawn & Dusk. it is in our foundational nature to be drawn to these times. the blissful moments of watching the sun rise or set is a spiritual experience known to all but yet which has rarely been taught in religion except in metaphors. with Agni Hotra, these are precise space-time resonance points are harnessed for inner peace and inter-dimensional pranic healing. by performing this special fire precisely on time, the portal to Swar Loka is open. Please send your prayer request to Amma as linked to her name at the top of the Home page.

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