$54.01 usd BUY HERE incl international standards shipping. with the purchase of this kit, you will have access to a FREE Skype lesson to practice along with all of my own personal teaching ebook i send you by email within 24 hours of with the purchase of this kit.

you will get the following by post

* 5 basic copper pieces that are needed to perform Vedic Fire rituals:
Copper Kund, offering dish, offering cup, spoon, stand (optional not in the picture OR choose a second sppon)

— the kund pyramid is 6-3/16 square x 3- 3/16 tall on the outer angle. the inside top measures 5-3/4 square. the bottom outer is 2-1/4 square.

*wrapped in a shawl and newspaper for padding.

by email you will also get

* my 47 page ebook (in 3 parts) detailing everything to know about performing agnihotra and other basic homas – method, background and support materials section including:

* how exactly to perform agnihotra foundational sunrise / sunset yajna
* basic yajna for meditation, peace and healing
* several Sanskrit mantras designated for yajna and their meanings
* how to make ghee and dry cow dung patties needed for correct performance of the yajnas
* where to purchase ghee and dry cow dung patties online if you dont want to make them
* background and insight into the meaning behind these rituals
* skype or email support including your initial lesson FREE when your kit arrives and you have assembled the ingredients, message me here – can be done by skype video for best results.

you will need:
a timetable and digital clock with seconds or the agni hotra aap

you might want:
a large bin or box to hold dried gobar in your home
a stone, brick or tile for under the kund to protect surfaces if you are indoors
a metal tray to set it all up if you are indoors.

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