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What is AgniHotra?   AgniHotra is the foundational Yajnya – a bio-energetic process of purifying the atmosphere with pyro-dynamics – aligning with the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset. Agni = fire and Hotra = oblations.

this moment was captured at Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir, a Temple is at least 5,000 years old, mentioned in the Shivapurana, and is situated in the middle of the most Sacred Narmada River.  Every Yoga Retreat at SwAr Ashram includes a welcoming and farewell pilgrimage  to this Temple, in clear sight of the Ashram, a short boat ride, with Agni Hotra and Sacred Sound Healing.
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VEDIC SCIENCE: in the Vedas even Science is God. Agni Hotra is an Ayurvedic Medicinal Science. It finds earliest mention in the Atharva Veda (1000 BC), vi 97,1 though pouring ghee into the ritual fire was known as early as in the Ṛgveda (c. 4000 BC) and it is closely related to Zoroastrian religion’s Yasna Haptaŋhāiti. There is a simplified version of the AgniHotra in the Grihyasutras and in later post-Vedic texts.  The world-wide Agnihotra community has been testing and confirming the validity of its ancient claims.

freeagnihotraex: According to Vruksha Ayurveda teachings, AgniHotra vibrations, smoke & its resultant ash is a bio-barrier which negates the effects of radiation activity, smart-dust & chemtrails – it protects the thyroid & it chelates heavy metals & supports the auto-immune system.

All living beings inluding plants & insects benefit from Agnihotra atmosphere. It has healing ability in all the 4 Earth elements plus the Akash which holds the Matrix of all Consciousness.

Agnihotra forms a bio-electric field of superiour frequency (18K-28K Bovis Scale = on the level of great cathedrals, Stonehenge, angelic beings, living ascended Masters, Great Pyramids, Mt Kailash, Stargates, etc) which is a powerful protection against low frequency mobile device and microwaves.

Agnihotra neutralizes harmful radiation in living beings & cleanses the atmosphere, water, soil & living consciousness.  The smoke is rich in nitric oxide. The Ash contains potassium iodide & all 92 trace elements. It heals living organisms when inhaled over time or ingested in very small quantities or used topically.

Agnihotra Ash does not become radioactive, even if the ingredients used to prepare the fires may have been radioactive. All 92 natural chemical elements including gold, carbon, magnesium, hydrogen, oxygenated nitrogen, potassium iodide & more are present in Agnihotra Ash due to the very specific & unique ingredients which are burned in the Fire.
Studies in Bhopal & Chernobyl have substantiated these claims over the years. These same applications are being employed as the radioactivity from the Fukushima site is now being carried through the wind & water current. Dr Masaru Emoto had been a proponent of Agnihotra in his later years of life.
ashmed AN ANCIENT FOLK REMEDY: The resultant Ash from AgniHotra , (also known as its Sanskrit term  VIBHUTI is a wonderful folk medicine still being used in rural India today and among practitioners world wide. After sifting through a fine metal sieve, the Ash either on its own or mixed with ghee or coconut butter is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and a natural alternative to antibiotics. Store it in copper or clean dry glass containers only. The chemical composition of the Ash makes it especially well suited to averting the effects of radioactive waste pollutants.

If we ingest some Agni Hotra Ash, the body absorbs the micro-elements (like healthy natural iodine) from the ash, and if we later ingest more iodine in our food which may be radioactive, the body would not incorporate these radioactive micro-elements, the organs and especially the thyroid and brain is protected. it acts as a bio-barrier. recommended eat 1/4 tsp Agnihotra Ash before every meal with a glass of water. liberally mix a 1/4 tsp into a bottle of drinking water any time of the day.  It is a discipline that takes time to develop but is quite effective. Pranic healing from the smoke does require regular practice for at lesat 2-4 weeks and has been proven to cure asthma and eases the effects of chemotherapy, among many other applications.  Folk remedies such as eye drops, suppositories, creams, salves, lotions, and more applications for cleansing and purifying purposes are easily made from the Ash  – all about Agni Hotra Ash used as Folk Remedies you can make yourself.  Recipes from the Pharmacist who originally revived the ancient techniques and wrote the book about it.

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pranayamANCIENT ECO-CHEMISTRY : The Vedic science of pyro-dynamic bio-energy, Agni Hotra seeds the atmosphere with nutrition for living organisms.  Since human skin is the largest respiratory organ in the human body, Agni Hotra smoke penetrates every pore and cell.  By performing alternate nostril breathing (Anulom/Vilom aka Nadi Shodhana) while the smoke is present, the benefits of this nitrogen-rich oxygen are deeply saturating the inner organs, glands, blood and lymph fluid.  Furthermore, the majority of the human body is water and it has been well documented by Dr. Emoto himself, (a leading authority on the subject of water’s communication qualities), just how potent and transformative Agni Hotra is when exposed to water.  in fact, all of the 4 Earthly elements plus the Akash, which holds the matrix of all Consciousness, is supported into wholeness, wellness and balance by the practice of Agni Hotra.

“According to Vruksa Ayurveda teachings, Agni Hotra totally solves the radiation problem. Even more so, Agni Hotra negates its effect. Agni Hotra neutralizes harmful radiation and cleanses the planet”.   re: my Yajnacharya,  Shree Vasant.

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The above havan is performed on the day of planting new seeds or young plants. For this i use a bio-dynamic calendar and the principles of planting each seed with an atmosphere infused with healthy prana from the yajnyas.  I add the vibhuti ash into the hole with the seed. Watering is done with more ash added to the watering can. All thru the year the Agni Hotra sunrise and sunset ritual is performed. Especially during planting and growing season an hour of Maha Mrtynjaya Mantra, (Tryambakam) is also performed in the garden daily preferably around noon. The ash is collected separately for the garden and the Agni Hotra timings ash is collected and sieved for folk remedies. Those with about an acre of veggies will need to encourage the family to take turns with the Yajnyas. it will take approx 4 hours per day of Tryambakam Mantras to generate enough smoke and ash to make the optimal health of your garden possible. Yes its a big commitment – but each family member gets an hour of meditative time at a convenient hour of the day for them.  Today we must garden like our children’s lives depend on it, because they do.


AgniHotra is Ayurvedic eco-remedy for both personal and collective healing on an atmospheric scale restoring balance via prana to air, water, soil and human consciousness. In Vedas, Science is not separate from the Divine Laws of the Natural Universe. Nature itself, even Science, is contained in God and IS God. This practice works beautifully in tandam with Eloptic Energy, Biodyanamic Gardening, Permaculture and any other organic garden methods. I believe we can give gratitude and show honor to the Divine Source by leaving a light carbon footprint, cleaning the water, soil and atmospheric pollutants, living as green as possible, growing our own food and not supporting the chemical and oil based industries which exploit humans and animals for our most basic need for this life as we know it –  food, water and air – to sustain the anamayakosa – the food body.


mandirmalaBecause Agni Hotra is an instrument of peace that supports & induces healing, it is compatible within any religious or secular context. You meet with Agni Hotra where ever you are on the path and you just begin.  Today, on every continent, people in every walk of life, from uncountable diverse backgrounds are now practicing Agni Hotra – enjoying its benefits.  As taught by our visionary revolutionary teachers for natural healing, Agni Hotra works by harnessing Source energy direct from the Earth’s solar cycles.  It follows the Universal Laws of Nature.



AGNI HOTRA = YAJNYA #1  : Agni Hotra is the cornerstone for all Homa, Havan or Yajnya fire practices given in the ancient Vedic sciences of agriculture, bio-energy, psychotherapy, medicine, climate engineering and even interplanetary communications. Agni Hotra is tuned to the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset. The process is simply to prepare a small fire of specific ingredients in a copper pyramid of prescribed size and putting a specific offering into the fire at the exact timing of sunrise and sunset along with specific mantra. If possible, keep a corner or a room in the home set aside for Agni Hotra. The materials can also be carried with you in your car or backpack, so that you don’t miss the timings when you are away from home. It is recommended to stop for a few minutes and practice at the exact timing wherever you may be to keep the continued attunement of your personal bio-rhythm in harmony with the solar energy.


Copper puja utensils, primarily the special copper pyramid vessel, unbroken whole rice, ethically sourced cruelty-free cow’s ghee & flat dried cow’s dung patties, specific mantras, exact sunrise and sunset timings. These are detailed below and in the Tutorial Videos:



copperMost essentially, a pyramid vessel (called a Kunda) – of exact size and angular proportion as prescribed in Vedas for the Agnihotra is necessary to create the vibration desired. This measurement is prescribed in Atharva Veda and reflects the proportion of sacred vessels and sites such as the Great Pyramids in Egypt based on  the Golden Ratio, Vesica Pisces and Pi.  This is the only utensil that will not be readily available in puja shops or Indian grocers and must be purchased or given to you through someone in the practice.  Our Guru had these specially commissioned and patented.  Optionally, a copper spoon and small copper offering dish or cup may be used as desired.  You may enjoy having a fully stocked kit with all the Yajnya Utensils and Offerings in one neat place.  The  copper kund pyramid , basic starter pieces, or fully blinged-out travel and storage kit, as well as Tutorials are available when you visit.  Initial Agni Hotra Lesson Module or demonstration is always FREE.

 RICE (Akshata)

akshatOnly raw, unbroken and unpolished brown rice should be used for Agnihotra. Akshata means literally “unbroken (whole) offering”. Sort out the broken bits and keep the unbroken grains for your fire offerings in a glass jar, a stainless steel or copper lidded vessel. If the rice is broken, the subtle energy structure is broken and will not achieve the full Agni Hotra result. Any amount of Akshata will do, even 2 grains, 1 for each offering.  Some people find that counting out and offering a meaningful number such as 108 grains is a ritual in itself adding intention to the practice.



islam-kamadhenu2This means ethically sourced Cow’s ghee (clarified from unsalted Cow’s butter). Cows ghee acts as a burning agent and fuel and when its burnt along with all the other ingredients in the copper pyramid, it helps in creating copper oxide, copper sulphate and copper chloride.  And this is also proven that places where Agni Hotra is performed on a regular basis those places are free from any diseases. Because of the unique Surya Ketu Nadi in Brahmin A2 cows as well as the 4 chambered stomach belonging only to cows, astounding bio-chemical processes occur as she ingests chlorophyll-rich grass. For example, traces of gold are present in the resulting Ash.  This greatly influences the ability of the Ash to evoke bio-chemical transformations.  This one fact, among quite a few other reasons, is why there is no substitute for offering pure ahimnsa cow’s ghee in Agnihotra.  Cow’s dung and ghee is imbued with antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiboitic qualities. This pure cow ghee is widely available in Indian markets and health food stores but labels must be checked carefully because not all ghee is produced ethically (even in India these days) and buffalo ghee is often questionably substituted or mixed. For this reason many practitioners acquire local organic cruelty-free butter and make their own ghee – it is a simple process and less costly. The higher the content of grassfed cow’s butter that is used, the better quality ghee you have for Agni hotra purposes. This is not always possible to know unless you are raising your own cows.

India Daily LifeFOR VEGANS:  i have been vegetarian since childhood and fully vegan since 1996 and so, as an Agnihotri, i have asked the relevant questions to the top authorities.  I have been told by Shree that Agnihotra fire burns all the karmas and not to be concerned.  Yet, my growing concerns with Vedic Gau Raksha (Cow Protection) expanded my understanding of our relationship with Mother Cow and urged both a higher awareness of her need protection as well as for the proper education of yajnya.  I have for the past 16 years continued to source the most ethical ghee possible – from cows who will live out their lives in a sanctuary environment, whose babies are not sold to slaughter and who are organically grass fed and treated with respect – as She truly is Gau Mata and contains every secret to planetary wellness and survival.


In this era of so much abuse of the Mother Cow, i do believe it is necessary to cease using ghee of an unethical origin in accordance with the first Vedic code of conduct AHIMNSA under which all other codices stand.  the basis of Vedic culture rests on the protection and care of cows. this is a symbiotic relationship, it is mutually beneficial.

If you are open to follow the original Vedic prescription of offering Ahimnsa ghee in Agni Hotra, with respect to my Teachers,  as an ethical Vegan,  i encourage you to establish a cruelty-free source for Agni Hotra ghee and dung.  there are only a few commercially available brands and can be found on or Pukka brand cruelty-free foods.  Alternatively, you may locally seek out a vegetarian cow owner who can supply you.

Dung is more readily available than ghee/dairy from Goshalas (sanctuaries which rescue cows) because the nature of a cow rescue is that she is no longer able to produce dairy, but cows continue to excrete plenty of dung which they offer freely and happily 🙂   I am also honoring the exceptional importance of Gau Mata (the Sacred Mother Cow) here and will continue my research on this subject.  This is a dear subject to my heart as it affects the worldwide application of Agni Hotra (which is the life-work of my Yajnacharya Shree Vasant).  I moved permanently to rural India so that i could source ethical ghee for my own sadhana, but even now in India, the majority of cows also suffer the global standard of factory farming.  It is more important than ever to preserve and protect Gau Mata since there is no substitute for her miraculous Yajnya offerings.  I am working on helping the less-travelled generations of this ancient practice understand the growing concerns of the Vegan Yoga community today on the subject of the under-awareness of where these offerings come from and so therefore, those who believe they are worshipping cows are heavily supporting commercial standard factory ghee for food as well as yajnya.  There are many better sources of human nourishment than cow products, but Agni Hotra is irreplaceable nourishment for the Earth and Atmosphere.

While i continue to research viable non-dairy options, nothing besides the prescribed ingredients should be added to the fire for atmospheric healing and medicinal grade ash.


If you have access to an ethical butter, here’s HOW TO MAKE GHEE:  Bring a quantity of the butter to a slow boil for 45 min to an hour. Scrape off the white foam that rises to the top and discard. The golden yellow liquid that remains minus the white solids at the bottom of the pot is GHEE. Pour slowly into clean glass jars taking care to not disturb the white solids at the bottom. When the white solids are reached, pour the remaining ghee with it into a small bowl and refrigerate, when the ghee solidifies you can pour off the white substance which will not solidify leaving pure ghee. The ghee has medicinal properties and does not need to be refrigerated and can last indefinitely so long as its not stored in certain metal or cracked ceramic, no other metal should be used except for copper or stainless steel.   Chanting mantras, such as Maha Mrytunjaya Mantra, while the ghee is being prepared is one method of purifying the energy fields around products which my have traveled through the markets.


img_1111DRIED COW’S DUNG (from male or female progeny of a cow) – Acquire dung from grass fed cows in an organic ethically sourced atmosphere. Make pancake-like patties from dung collected fresh in the early morning & let them dry outdoors in full sun. They should be flipped over & dried on each side. Store airtight.  In all ancient cultures, Native Indians of North and South America, Scandinavians, Asians, Africans, Near-East Indians have all used cow dung for a variety of treatments. If you do not have a dairy farm available which is suitable, there are Homa Organic Goshalas providing dried patties on the internet.  Collecting the droppings of a cow from an ethical organic source is not at all intrusive to the cow and since she has given it freely, may more truly be considered a gift offering of the cow.

Resources for pure, sacred gobar (cow’s dung cakes) from cow’s raised in Homa environment by vegetarians and vegans in the UK and USA.


Spirit Self website – UK


Homa Cow Sanctuary in Pennsylvania USA



MANTRAS (not just any mantra, prescribed Sanskrit words given in the Vedas specifically for Agni Hotra).  Refer to the sound link below for the exact way to chant the mantras by Guruji Acharyaji Dr. Ram Karan Sharma 2010 Mp3 Gratuit.




to the Sun i offer this oblation



it belongs to the Sun and not to me



to the Creator i offer this oblation



this belongs to the Creator and not to me






to the Fire i offer this oblation



this belongs to the Fire and not to me



to the Creator i offer this oblation



this belongs to the Creator and not to me




the repeating line IDAM NA MAMA was translated poetically by Shree as “Thy Will (not mine) Be Done”

brightcloudsThese mantras are uttered at the exact second of sunrise and sunset for a profoundly  maximized effect.  Studies have shown that missing the timing by as little as 5 seconds will significantly reduce the intensity and the beneficial radius of the Agni Hotra.


Mantra is an ancient science of sound vibration for healing. Everything is vibration. There is nothing that is not formed by vibration.  Where is a sound current, there is vibration. Light is vibration and also is sound current. Mantra is the science of how our human voice can resonate with nature’s harmonies. Mantra reinforces harmony which attunes the being and surrounding atmosphere to the Audible Lifestream, Cosmic Music, the Anahata Nadam meaning unstruck sound. This primordial vibration is endlessly emanating from the Solar Source. When these mantras are uttered, special vibrations are created that create atmospheric bio-energetic effects due to our resonance with this sound current. Anything can be activated, changed or controlled by mantra. When Agni Hotra mantra is done with the blazing fire described here at sunrise and sunset, vibrations from the mantras are consumed by the fire & held in the ash, creating a powerful healing substance.



sunset3At the exact moment of sunrise and sunset, tremendous energies are generated in and around the copper pyramid and are vibrationally amplified as the Agni Hotra is performed. An electro-magnetic field neutralizes positive ions (negative energy) and reinforces positive energy.  Agnihotra neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and purifies the blood. Agnihotra smoke neutralizes harmful radiation in the atmosphere by gathering  and chelating radioactive particles on a subtle level. Agni Hotra has a profound healing effect on the polluted atmosphere. Pranic healing is accomplished on 2 major levels, when we heal the atmosphere, the atmosphere heals us. The ash from these Yajnyas is added for purification of water, soil and all living beings (all manners of consciousness).

You can now use an android or iphone app for Agni Hotra timings that will keep perfect GPRS time for your practice. from the Vedic Society, the   iAgnihotra  app!!!

In lieu of a smartphone, timing sheets are free to generate online and may be printed out or downloaded.  The use of an atomic clock or Peter Russell’s World Clock for the necessary accuracy will be required to use with the timing sheet.  sunrise / sunset custom calendar.

Again worthy to note:  These mantras are uttered at the exact second of sunrise and sunset for a profoundly  maximized effect.  Studies have shown that missing the timing by as little as 5 seconds will significantly reduce the intensity and the beneficial radius of the Agni Hotra.



There are several definitions of sunrise and sunset given in the ancient tradition of Vedic knowledge. However, for bringing nutrition to plant life and reducing disease, one particular definition should be used in the Agni Hotra practice. This is when the half disc of the sun is on the horizon and not counting refraction or visibility. Various tools are here to help know the differences. The specific definition of Sunrise and Sunset given in the Vedas. There are many other definitions of sunrise and sunset given elsewhere in the Vedas for other purposes but the Agnihotra is specific and not to be confused with nautical or civil timings.  The Agnihotra timing is particularly suited for supporting health, bringing nutrition to plant life and reducing disease. At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend all the way to the Earth and produce a flood effect at the coordinate where the sun is rising. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, dissolving what is unpure in its wake. This torrent of life-sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice and that music can be heard most audibly – Anahata Nadam, the unstruck music, the Cosmic Sound or Audible Lifestream. the morning Agnihotra mantra is the essence of that music. It is the quintessential sound of that flood rising. At sunset the flood recedes. If you miss the timings for exact sunrise or sunset, successful completion of the ritual has been forfieted and the healing effect of the ash will be missing its power.



Prepare your self first – Brush your teeth well and bathe or shower well before the appointed time and put on clean undyed, white or sun colored clothing.  If full bath is not possible,  minimally perform ritual bath of washing feet, hands, face and splash water with your right hand over your head, also brush your teeth or minimally rinse mouth thoroughly.

freeagni41. Choose a clean and quiet place.  In the copper pyramid kunda, break up and arrange the dung into ‘sticks’.  First set a small piece with ghee on the bottom of the kunda and then build it either like a small triangular upright pyramidal shape with an open edge for inserting a lit stick of cows dung or, if  you have lots of dung, and perhaps outdoors, build the dung like you would a small campfire of wood, or a log cabin.   Go small for indoors – larger for outdoors is a good rule.  Dot or drip a little ghee on top.

2. Take a stick shape of dung and smear ghee on the tip of it, this is your ‘match’.  While the sulphurs and camphors or other puja items would fine fine for ceremonial ritual puja fires, remember, with Agni Hotra we are creating a fire pure enough to ingest the ash and smoke freely.  The ritualistic items that you might use for other homas should never touch the kunda as it will pollute and poison the vibhuti you will produce with the sunrise / sunset timings.  When the first stick is flaming, put it into the middle of the kunda. this should be lit 4 or 5 min before the actual timing of sunrise or sunset.  While its flame is growing you can sit quietly and drip a bit more ghee on it if it is slow to catch.


agniaf43. Meantime place some Akshata, unbroken rice grains, preferably unpolished kind, into a copper offering dish. if you don’t have this, you can use your left palm. and if you are really nifty you will count our 108 grains into your palm but this many is really not required at all, i just like this little meditative touch of counting them and blessing them.  Melt a bit of the ghee in the copper spoon and drip it into your palm or copper dish on top of the rice.  If you dont have a copper spoon – clean hands will do the job.   Divide the Akshat into 2 offerings in the dish or palm of your left hand.  The right hand will hold the copper spoon or pinch the grains between the thumb, second and third fingers to make the offerings at the proper time.

freesatsangfire4. Just gaze at the fire and wait for the timing to come up.  If you do not have a smartphone with the iagnihotra app, an atomic clock is an awesome thing to have here.  As the clock hits the exact second – start the mantra and place the offerings into the flames with the SVAHAS  – half at a time of what you prepared – 2 offerings/ 2 Svahas.  Use it all in 2 clean swooshes.  If you dont have a copper spoon, you may use the two middle fingers and thumb of the right hand to offer above and drop into the fire.   The offering should fall right into the center, the mouth of the fire,  while it is burning brightly at its peak.


there are instructions on how to generate a timing sheet on with their free software – but its for PCs only and i have a mac so after years of hassles … the gods heard my prayers and created the the iAgnihotra iphone app.  before this i had to beg off friends computers or the library – back in the good old amerika before homeland security shut down the ability to download the program at the library.


ammafire5. Chant the Surya or Agni mantra according to the exact sunrise or sunset timing, respectively.

6. After reciting the mantra, you may take some of the light and heat of the flame with your hand to your Ajnya Chakra and or Sahasrara or Heart – similar to participating in an Aarti. Now just meditate with the Buddha eyes gazing in Trataka Kriya until the fire goes out.   When the flame is out,  you may draw the smoke to your energy centers.  Then close your eyes to experienc the inner yajnya and meditate as long as you wish.


7. After sitting in meditation,  the devotees of Parama Shree Gajanan Maharaj chant the Sapta Shloki which he wrote during a mystical vision of Lord Parashuram on the occaison of Dassera in 1944 at which time he took a vow to rescucitate the Vedas.   New practitioners may do whatever you wish to respectfully close the ritual after the fire is out. One such simple gesture is to honor the tradition of bowing to the fire before standing up.


just remember, during the yajnya you sit and tend to it without touching or moving it at all. this disturbs the vibrations. in fact if you can leave the pyramid as is til the next time, all the better.


7. before the next yajnya, sieve the cooled ash thru a metal strainer and store it in glass or copper with a lid for use internally (dotted on the tongue or mixed in water) or mixed w ghee topically. a pinch 3 times a day is recommended for normal purifications. up to once per hour if radioactivity or illness is present. you cant take too much. but only tiny amounts are needed.


NOTE: do not ever use water on the copper puja pieces. wipe out with a cotton cloth or if you really must use a tissue or paper product but i personally carry a cloth in my kit and keep one designated at home.


if you want to do Tryambakam yajnya for gardens, you can begin with Vyaruti mantra preferably as with any basic havan and then do a mala or an hour of tryambakam for generating garden ash. same general rules apply, svaha after each repetition of the Tryambakam mantra with a small drop of ghee. this should easily keep it going with a kund full of dung set up as for outdoor fire. or a dried dung ball as we do in india for the 24 hour fires. the fully staffed homa farms do 24 hours at full and new moon. get your family and friends together and give this a try!


whole thing should take 10- 15 min from set up to walk away unless you want to sit longer and meditate with it.


You can click below to hear the mantras associated with this practice and particularly the Agnihotra mantra which concerns us here (first link) with teaching and chanting of Shri BrahmanandaSarasvati’s AnandaAshram fire ceremony by Guruji Dr. Ram Karan Sharma.

the transliterations are below each link.


FIRE CEREMONY : with creative personal & regional flare


The video shows part of a Vedic Fire Ceremony & Pranic Self-Healing for Inner Peace & Inter-dimensional Healing that i presented at Mind Body Spirit Collective meeting at the United Methodist Church in Oneonta NY.  Video kudos to Swami Sadasiva Tirtha

Please note this video is labeled ‘Agnihotra’ yet the bit where i was teaching the actual Agnihotra ritual that day was edited out.  Other videos on Agni Hotra can be seen throughout this website and on my youtube channel 1008devi .  This video is of a rather spontaneous, semi-original Vedic Yajnya ceremony for inner peace and inter-dimensional healing and included personal intentions and meditation (also edited out for brevity).


B6 early GURU-FIRE Yajnya (ceremonial) or Homa (healing) Fires can be created for any occasion or purpose. my introduction to this creative practice was while living at an Ashram in NY called Ananda Ashram – (Bliss). Guruji, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, was introduced to Shree Vasant in 1971 as he carried the revived teachings of Agni Hotra from his Guru in Akkalkot, India.  There, the residents began a Homa Garden and were conducting the program with Agni Hotra timing accuracy for many years.  Over time, the original residents moved to homes nearby and the program at the Ashram was upadated to include the increasing number of guests from  NYC and nationwide who began to flock to this wonderful oasis of Yoga.  Guruji, then created and implemented a new Homa Ceremony which could be performed along with the daily meditation program twice a day at fixed times.  It was by introduction to performing this Homa that i became interested in the sadhana of the Agni Hotra exact timings and began doing them separately on my own.  The beautiful Ananda Homa is described below and may be performed at any time as a preface to meditation practice.   When chanting the Agni Hotra mantras at the end of this Homa, if you are not performing it at the exact second of sunrise or sunset, it is proscribed to chant OM before the Agni Hotra mantra.  It is possible to co-incide the practice the Ananda Homa’s Mantras as a prelude to the sunrise and sunset exact timings, chanting the Agni Hotra mantras without the OMs at sunrise and sunset at the proper place in the Homa – with a bit of skill and practice.

The full collection of Fire Ceremony mantras  used at the Ashram’s meditation programs are given with instruction here by Dr. Ram Karan Sharma, most senior and revered Sanskrit scholar and teacher:


The first mantra below lifts the prayers with the fire from Earth / Bhuloka, to atmospheric realms / Bhuvarloka, on the wind to the Akash / Swarloka, returning to Surya / the Sun. and dedicates that this is done for the Creator Prajapati’s glory, not my own.











OM From the Earth through the agency of Fire, i offer this, not for me alone, but for all.  Through the atmosphere, by the force of wind, this fire is returned back to the Sun in the Heavens. Offerings flow from Earth, Atmosphere, Heavens to the Creator of all these Lokas.  By Thy will may it be done.



Gayatri – Savitri Mantra












Through the inbreath, outbreath and the balance of life, the essential nature which ignites the Triloka existence is the Grace of the Shining Beloved One. May all sentient beings transcend ordinary knowledge into subtle enlightenment by devoting Gratitude to the brilliance of that Nature.


Maha Mrtunjaya Mantra – Tryambakam





By the inner/ third eye we invoke the mastery of the Inner Fire. May this fragrant offering incur prosperity and release us from bondage – like the fruit from the vine without even a scar.  Suffer not this mortal being but Liberate us by the Nectar of Immortality.



Here insert the Agni Hotra Mantras detailed in the Above Module, either  without or with OM before it, depending on whether you are performing the Homa at the exact timings or not, respectively.  After the Agni mantra, take a few moments to meditate by Tratak method on the flame, then close your eyes to experienc the inner yajnya and meditate as long as you wish.  After, the following mantras are chanted for the Ananda Homa.  You may recite these mantras or any closing ritual that you prefer.







The ONe who has attained the Bliss of Cosmic Consiciousness, Supreme Joy, the One who is pure & free from delusion, the embodiment of Wisdom, beyond the duality of the world, infinite in spirituality, the One whose attention is on “I am that”. That One with divinity, Eternal, Without impurities, immovably established in Truth, is the One who is the omnisciencient witness.  Beyond the emotions and mentations, devoid of the three Gunas (of Sattva, Rajas, Tamas), Salutations to that Holy Guru, i bow.




May there be peace among the heavenly spheres. May there be peace in the interim space in between (outer space). May there be peace on the Earth. May there be peace  with all the water resources of the planet. May there be peace with all the medicinal herbs that grow on the planet. May there be peace with all the forests and trees. May there be peace  with all the Elemental entities in the universe. May there be peace  in every living Consciousness.  Let there be peace all pervading and everywhere.  Let this peace begin with me and may it be experienced freely. peace,  peace,  peace.




These additional mantras are recommended and taught by Dr. Sharma:

Opening Salutations








These initial words invoke the essences known under the Hindu auspices as deities.  We can also translate the energies of these Holy Names to invoke the Power to Open the Ceremony, Ritual or Event,  to honor the Dimension of Time which cures all illusions, to invoke Wellness & Prosperity,  to invite the Wisdom of Creativity, to salute Valor, to seek the Inner Light that Removes All Darkness.




Invocation for immortal, unchangable Bliss amist the Dance of Transformation

Invocation for the One who creates, protects  preserves the Water of Life, who resides in the Upper Firmament of the Waters.





Varnika Meter



Classification by Line Variation

THE ELDERS – ‘this is the Way – walk in it’


Divine Messengers come to us from time to time, generally it is told they come “at the end of an age”. Due to actions of humankind, cosmic karmas build up and divine intervention is necessary to put the harmony straight. All Divine Messengers come to do the work of the Omniscient Divine Energy, many people call God.


The people who followed after each of these prophets and saints divide themselves into sects and groups in the name of their favored Messenger. This is done either from ignorance of the bigger picture or vested interest. In this way, the various religions have

formed over the millenium. i have been blessed to have studied with some enlightened Avadhutas of Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism -the end-goal of the Vedas) & Sanatana Dharma (the Universal Laws). My eternal gratitude is given to Shri Brahmananda whose Ashram home in NY i was resident staff member of for 4 years, Bharati Devi & Dr Ram Karan Sharma whom i studied just a bit of Sanskrit under and he has generously lent his mantra recordings to this blog, Shree Vasant whom i lived and studied with at his family home in this, the heart of India for the last 2 years before he made the final transition / Maha Samadhi, and through him the teachings of Shree Gajanana of Akkalkot were revealed to me.  I credit also Yogi Sivadas in Himalayas India, whom initiated me as a Yoga Instructor, Siva Rudra Balayogi of Dehradun India, whom i took diksha from while in NY,  Shri Amma Amritanandamayi (Ammachi) whom has hugged me and cried over me  & Swami Anantram who took me under his wing on the banks of Narmada after Shree Vasant departed the body.  It is here at SwAr Ashram (aka: Swami Anantram) where i continue to live, teach & breathe the bliss of Narmada.

Ashreesite.jpggni Hotra was resuscitated from the Vedas in 1944 by Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, Maharasthra, India. – he promoted the integration of this practice to counter act the Industrial Era, post-WW2,  and he made it accessible for anyone to practice, regardless of faith, creed, religion or lack of these – as a practice of healing the growing environmental pollution by use of ancient pyro-dynamics found in Vedic Science.  Parama Shree never left India,  he instructed Shree Vasant Paranjape to travel the world teaching Agnihotra as the antidote to the increasing global atmospheric issues.  it was in New York that Shree left a footprint at Ananda Ashram which i later followed, and eventually went to live with him and his family at Homa Therapy Goshala, to practice, study and serve at his feet, during his final years living in his physical form.  It is with reverence to these Saintly Masters of Fire that i dedicate and carry on the teaching.


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