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Praying With Fire
The video below is 16 seconds of an Agni Hotra Tutorial outside of SwAr Ashram on the Narmada ghat at sunset time, during an Ancient India Yoga Experience.  Below, among the pop-up photos,  you will find descriptions of my FREE offerings of Agnihotra Module, Prayer Requests with Fire, and Satsang with Fire.  Other Modules on various related Yogic Philosophy and Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) as well as the Kits are offered there, too.  Optionally, by donation i offer Pranic Healings, Yajnya Chod  and Private Modules via Skype Time.

You can also find 2 Free Agnihotra Tutorials at the bottom of this page.


Agni Hotra is the foundational Yajnya – a bio-energetic process of purifying the atmosphere with pyro-dynamics – aligning with the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset. Agni = fire and Hotra = oblations. Agni Hotra is the practice of healing environmental pollution with Vedic Science by gratefully offering fire back to its Source (the sun) via very specific timings  and unique organic offerings.
According to Vruksha Ayurveda teachings,  Atharva Veda, and numerous recent scientific studies, Agni Hotra, with its mantric vibrations, purifying smoke and its resultant vibhuti ash is a bio-barrier which negates the effects of radiation activity, smart-dust and chemtrails – it protects the blood-brain barrier, lymph nodes, thyroid and it chelates heavy metals.  Numerous folk medicines can be made from Agnihotra ash as well.
For over 15 years, I have been practicing and teaching Agnihotra, various homas/yajnyas, and their applications.   Some teachings are shared by my ebooks as well as Private Bookings and Tutorial Modules via Skype.    I invite you to browse the photos below.  Click them to enlarge and read the course descriptions.  The necessary tools are also available here.  If you so choose to engage me for an Online Tutorial, the payment links are below the photo section.  If you are an accredited Yoga Teacher, i can offer YACEP credits and Certificate of Completion for these Tutorials.

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Kindly REGISTER HERE.    I am grateful for your curiosity to learn about Yajnya & Yoga, and humbled by your generosity.  if you are a YA teacher, i can offer Continuing Education credits with Certificate for all Paid Modules.

note: the yantra covers for the kundas are unavailable at this time.   if you wish to be informed when the yantras are available again, message me.

Agni Hotra Tutorials of up to 1 hour are always FREE by request & my Agnihotra ebook is also FREE with a kit.  email me with your order, any questions or requests.

Yajnya Chod and Havan Hands with Reiki can be requested HERE.   Thank you for the blessing to serve you.

Agnihotra and Homa fire ceremonies are learned and practiced hands-on at SwAr Ashram every day and are integral to each Yoga Experience .

below find a selection of my most popular ebooks:


ebook about practice of Agnihotra as a Vegan.  my own experience,  exploration and instruction sensitive to ethical vegans, in digital format, illustrated.
47 page ebook in 3 parts  NOW $21.11 or donate as you are able.  17 pages of method plus 22 pages of support materials as well as my personal experience & guidance.
the donation supports me personally in my ongoing charity work in rural india. ebooks will be emailed  within 24 hours to the email address you specify.
a personal lesson is also FREE with purchase of a pyramid kund or kit.
see my FREE youtube tutorials below as well.
FREE  photos of Shree Vasant & Paramashree Satguru Gajanana Maharaj – the reviver of the Sacred Fire  can be emailed to you, printed out suitable for framing.
when you purchase the kit, you will have FREE access to me by email for resources and updates.
i am an Interfaith Minister with a personal practice in Vedic Fire rituals for over 17 years.   i am Vegan for 23 years.  my growing concerns with Vedic Gau Raksha (Cow Protection) expanded my understanding of our relationship with Mother Cow.  and urged both a higher awareness of her need protection as well as for the proper education of yajnya.   i studied in NY and India and i am currently still living in India as a result, i am the managing director and the Amma of a small Ashram on a holy River.  this ebook compiles a teachable sadhana that will bring peace and healing to anyone with a sincerity towards cruelty-free interaction with cows by ancient Vedic standards, even if you are Vegan.
the basis of Vedic culture rests on the protection and care of cows.  this is a symbiotic relationship, it is mutually beneficial, not a use and abuse arrangement with cows.  this ebook spells that out.  the Vedanta / Sanatana Dharma requires the human / cow relationship to be mutually beneficial.  the reason being is that cows produce unique ingredients that are crucial for the well-being of our Earth ecosystem.  this is why cows are so revered in India.  Gau Mata, Mother Cow nourishes the planetary atmosphere.    when the Vedas were written, cows lived in homes and goshalas in a similar manner as you would house your beloved dog or cat.  Guidelines are given in this ebook along with sources of where to obtain cruelty free offerings for Agnihotra.
the special relationship of  Gau Mata with an Agnihotri is one for a higher purpose to protect and heal the atmosphere, Earth and its waters.  humans must put her needs before our own.
the ebook includes:
* how exactly to perform Agnihotra foundational sunrise / sunset yajnya
* basic yajna for meditation, peace and healing
* Sanskrit mantras designated for yajnya and their meanings
* how to make ghee and dry cow dung patties needed for correct performance of the yajnas
* where to purchase cruelty free ghee & gobar online if you dont want to make them
* background and insight into the meaning behind these rituals

if you wish to start your own practice you would need some additional household items listed below as well as the copper kit available above:

-a brick, stone or 2 pieces of tile stacked up to protect the surface you practice on.  if you are outdoors you can place the kunda directly on the earth.

-a satellite clock or mobile phone with seconds shown OR the iagnihotra app provided by Parama Maha Shree’s Vedic Society.

-ghee (from a local or online ethical crueltry free source)

-rice (akshat, unbroken whole grains)

-glass or metal containers for ghee and rice

-dried cow patties (which you can make locally or get online from agnihotra goshalas)

-a metal tray is a nice thing to put the whole set-up on for easy moving outdoors if it becomes too smoky indoors or just to display and store it easily.

and most important:

-the specific copper pyramid kunda OR the basic copper kit OR the complete boxed kit – each are outlined above in the clickable boxes.

(when purchased here you will get this ebook included at no additional charge).


this is a totally animal-free version of Abhishekam for Shivalingam.  it details a plant based Panchamrit.

$10.08  or donate as you are able.

you get the vijnana of VEGAN ABHISHEKAM – a 10 page ebook of detailed instructions, photos and mantras to perform Abhishekam with no animal / dairy products and still keep the integrity of the Puja. i perform Vegan Abhishek on all of my shivalingams. with this listing i will include the story of the Shivalingam and one of my digital photos of Narmada.

the Abhishekam is the puja of washing the lingam with Panchamrit (5 nectars) and holy river water.

all of the mantras and their English translations are included in transliterated Sanskrit. full instructions are given step by step.

SHIVA LINGAM Supports Kundalini Activation Electromagnetically, works with prana – the body’s electromagnetic field. this is a fire – water relationship which is what empowers the chakra system.

Shivalinga are an object of worship to be placed on a special altar. you may have a less traditional approach as shown here. with your plants or in a meditation space. in a bowl with other special stones. no matter where they go, these stones create a place of honor in your environment wherever they are bringing mystery, antiquity and sacred resonance with electro-magnetic fields.  All Shiva Lingam connect by magnetic energy to all others by the pranic field anywhere in theworld, in all places and times. this intense magnetic intelligence is what makes this stone, in my opinion, the most powerfully accurate dowser.


 The Aarati (pronounced ‘arti’) is the most regularly performed ritual of Hindu faith. It is a short ceremony performed in greeting and gratitude, usually with mantra and shloka. It consists of a lighted lamp in the right hand, which we wave in a clockwise circling movement to light the entire image of the Lord. As the earth moves in the clockwise direction, it is the path of least resistance and the flame and our intentions are supported by the frequencies and electromagnetic currents already in motion since the time of Creation.-  19 pages $11.11

it is a very simple ceremony but so rich and filled with meaning that it took quite some time to make this ebook. aarti can be as simple or as elaborate as you make it. this book gives you the spectrum.

the ebook includes everything you ever wanted to know about aarti and how to do it. both step by step and in story format. history and traditions are included. support materials include aarti shlokas and hymns, how to perform a simple purification beforehand and about prasad.

if there are any  puja items that you can’t find, they are available through me as well.



Tilak (Sanskrit tilaka, “mark”) is applied at the Ajna Chakra, the space between the two eyebrows. On a devotee, the tilak takes the form of a line or lines and/ or a dot and usually indicates sectarian affiliation according to the type of paste used and the way the marks are drawn.

–  5 page ebook – $4.44 or donate as you are able

Tilak indicates the point at which the spiritual eye opens. Lord Siva has a third eye at the Brumadhya. When he opens the third eye, the three worlds (Triloka: Bhu, Buvah, Svar) come to completion and all is transformed.

When the third eye of the Jiva (living being) is opened, the three kinds of afflictions – Adhyatmika, Adhidaivika and Adhibhautika – are burnt to ashes.  The three Karmas – Sanchita, Prarabdha and Agami – and also all the sins committed in the countless previous births, are burnt.



an Entrainment guidebook for use with Yoga Japa Mantra and Mala  $7.21 or donate as you are able.

bonus FREE 3 page Rudraksha ebook.

The Japa Mala ebook is 9  illustrated pages i have written to support your journey on the heart-pathway to infinite consciousness.

there is no right way to meditate. you already know how, the whole universe is inside you.

these Tutorials support my work in rural india where I manage and direct a tiny Ashram and built an esoteric Theosphical Interfaith Library.  I teach Yoga,  English and provide the only public computers and open internet access in town – free every day of the year to to under-served youth of the community.  I also advocate & mentor for girls and women of all ages.

Custom Tailored Interfaith / Inter-Spiritual Wedding or Other Ceremony:

As an Olindagarymontageweddingrdained Interfaith Minister, I am able to assist you in creating your own unique ceremony.   I am GLBT FRIENDLY!  at this time, it would be a major miracle for me to travel,  but I am able to script and plan from a distance here in India and am delighted to work along with your chosen Officiant.
a custom stitched ceremony can be created for any event.    * Inquiries 



Rev.AmmaNiradhara, is Mother & Managing Director of SwAr Ashram, Gurukula & Library, E-RYT, CYT, YACEP Yogini, ordained Interfaith Minister, Eco-Activist, Reiki channel, visionary artist, ethical Vegan, Agnihotri & migrant Grandmother, mending the gap between social, ecological and religious injustices. ƸӜƷ Narmade Har!

            NARMADE HAR!

  • Love and abundance of gratitude by the Grace of Maa Narmada & Devi Ahilyabai