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Narmade Har !

Mother – Thou art Conscious Soul Herself, Dwelling in the heart of all beings. Full of Beauty, Thou incarnateth as Life Breath in the form of Primordial Absolute Sound & Space, brimming Nectar of Bliss. Thou art refuge, showering nectar & destroying fears in Life.

Narmade Har! Enter this other-worldly
world, a time away from time, with
Niradhara Amma, your Guide.

Amma welcomes you to SwAr Ashram and sees to your safety and happiness. Since taking up residence in 2007, she has been serving our community. Amma Niradhara was appointed by Swami Anantram in 2012 to direct his NGO (NIWS) and manage his Ashram. She is a Sannyasi (renunciate of worldly life), as the Spiritual Mother of  SwAr Ashram, she is a Swamini, and she is a full-time Sevaka (un-salaried volunteer). She is, as well, an E-RYT500 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, YACEP Yoga Education Provider, CYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, Reiki Master, Agnihotri, EMDR, TFT & EFT Guide, Sound Therapist and Ordained Interfaith Minister with projects inclusive of at-risk youth, trafficking rescues, maximum security incarcerated women, domestic violence, chronic & childhood trauma survivors.



Niradhara has studied Yoga since 1973. Eighteen years ago, while beginning Ashram life, she was initiated into Agnihotra and as an ardently devoted sadhaka was invited by the Master Shree Vasant, her Yajnyachara, to his home & Goshala (cow sanctuary) in India for Somayajnyas.  Here, she discovered a timeless Mother, the River Narmada and a mighty Maharani (Great Queen) Ahilya who ruled the region from this Fort which encompasses SwAr Ashram on its easternmost corner. Swami Anantram gave Niradhara Diksha (initiation) as a Swamini (independant female spiritual teacher). These immense Feminine Energies nurture us along with our guest-students here at SwAr Ashram at the banks of the most sacred River Narmada.

Amma isn’t concerned with amassing followers, she is focused on creating Leaders. 

She founded & administrates SwAr Ashram’s education based charitable initiatives for local students in Yoga, as well as traditional Arts, Computers & English (ACE), all with emphasis on Girl’s & Women’s Upliftment Advocacy (Shakti Network).  Amma is a E-RYT500 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, YACEP Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, CYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Agnihotri and Ordained Interfaith Minister (New Seminary, Interfaith Temple of NY). Amma provides: innerYajnya (experience fire rituals and theraputic, technology & techniques within all arms of Yoga & Meditation), innerYatra (experiencial tours at sacred sites), innerEvolution (experiences chanting mantra, Sanskrit scripture, Advaitic Yoga Vedanta teachings) & access to SwAr Library, as well as Hatha Yoga & Meditation classes to Visitors by donation and scheduled Registration required Events. These Yogic interactions with our Guest Visitors provide the only income for her NGO’s charities.

VISIT Swar Ashram for support with your own sadhana WHEN YOU ARE IN INDIA you also support local girl’s access yoga & to continuing their education : AMMA.

She is a resident in Maheshvar, a rural hamlet in MP India, for over 12 years, formerly from New York.  Amma teaches Authentic Esoteric Yoga Therapies & Technologies on the premises of SwAr Ashram, her home, on the banks of the most sacred River Narmada.  Amma Niradhara also teaches Yoga at the Royal Heritage properties of Ahilya Fort and Labboo’z Lodge for guests with a room booking, upon request.  Teaching Yoga to guests and visitors benefits the charity work. 100% of the income generated by Yoga is donated to NIWS, the registered NGO of which she is Managing Director.  Amma is also offering Yogic Immersion Pilgrimage Retreats and continuing education units for YA teachers as a registered YACEP.

parvatiasanThe Motherland called her hOMe 13 years ago and Niradhara did not hesitate to return to her ancient hOMe of certainly many births.  Here, she discovered, among the great Gurus of our time,  a timeless Mother, the River Narmada Herself, and a mighty Maharani (Queen) Ahilya who built the Fort that now encompasses SwAr Ashram on its easternmost corner.  These immense Feminine Energies nurture us along with our guests here at SwAr Ashram.

For our Guests, Amma provides :

Agnihotra lessons &  Yajnya offerings online … Hatha Yoga &  Meditation classes by donation … Private Yoga Therapies to Visitors … Yogic Immersion Pilgrimage Retreats\Yogic Events & Workshops incl Guest Teachers YACEP

Yoga, Yajnya & Sound Therapy at the Fort hotels for guests with a room booking, by appointment … Access to SwAr Library a Visitor’s Library Card with proper ID … Care & guidance before, during and after your arrival / departure from SwAr Ashram.Trauma care & support by Yogic technologies, Yoga Therapy supports the supra-diaphragmatic nervous system/ poly-vagal response/ bilateral- binaural processing/ para-sympathetic nervous system, amygdala & more… innerYatra (experiencial tours at sacred sites) … innerYajnya (experience fire rituals and its theraputic as well as spiritual technology & techniques) …  innerEvolution (experiences within all arms of Yoga &  Meditation, Kriya, Mantra, Sanskrit scripture, Puja, Advaitic Yoga Vedanta Philosophy & Vedic Lifestyle teachings)

Amma is a Sevaka. 100% of the Yogic interactions with Guests provide the income for  charity programs.

ammafireAfter years of serving the Maheshvar community for some years, Amma Niradhara was appointed by Sw. Anantram to direct SwAr Ashram, this auspicious location is the base for the Yoga Immersion Retreats & Private Yoga Experiences seen on this website.  Please see the SwAr Ashram instagram and  FB page for photos and also the FB page for NIWS, the NGO is linked above. AmmaNiradhara is now beginning a Mentoring & Empowerment program for girl’s as a natural extension of her existing charity work at the Ashram. A Girl’s College Scholarship Program and an Arts, Computers & English Scholar’s Program for the local youth which she is serving free of charge, is also planned for the future.

ashrama-005༺ 🔥 ༻ Welcome! Narmade Har!  If you contact me for an e-visit, or are planning to visit me in India, i am here to assist you on your path to my hOMe, SwAr Ashram, enter the door in this photo. Here I offer Yoga Immersion Retreats and Private Yoga Experiences.  I gratefully Manage & Direct this Ashram as a sevaka because it was bequeathed to my care by Swami Anant Ram, a Siddhi Guru, my Guru, who invited me to be in residence with him in January 2009.  He departed his body in Mahasamadhi in November 2012 but is still an active presence here spiritually.  I am the Mother (Amma) of this Gurukula Ashram & Vedantic Library,  with a riverview Yoga Shala,  where i share the Yogic Arts & Sciences with you.  The joy of opening this location to adepts, seekers and heritage loving tourists is my most cherished dharma.  I am at the service of those who wish to visit us.  We are now listed on  It is my joy to share with you the experiencial authentic technology of Yoga, from its esoteric roots.  We form a relationship of support as you become part of our Ashram family. Since SwAr Ashram doesn’t have amenities for overnighters, we have an exclusive arrangement to lodge our guests in the 6 rooms of the Gatehouse to the Maheshwar Palace, Labboo’z Lodge & Cafe where all the modern comforts are availed in a masterful heritage restoration. It is just a 3 minute riverside walk along the Fort wall.


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Ashirvad : Blessings : Amma @ SwAr Ashram – NARMADE HAR!

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