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Narmade Har !

Mother – Thou art Conscious Soul Herself, Dwelling in the heart of all beings. Full of Beauty, Thou incarnateth as Life Breath in the form of Primordial Absolute Sound & Space, brimming Nectar of Bliss. Thou art refuge, showering nectar & destroying fears in Life.

shivapuranNiradhara Amma  is the Managing Director and Spiritual Mother of  SwAr Ashram under the auspices of NIWS, a charitable NGO facilitating education in Yoga, Computers and English, women’s & girl’s programs, promoting peace between religions, cultures and economies and providing the only open wifi and computer access in town via the esoteric Vedantic Interfaith Library bequeathed to her care by Sw. Anant Ram.  She is a resident in Maheshwar, a rural hamlet in MP India, for 10 years, originally from NY.  She teaches Authentic Esoteric Yoga on the premises of SwAr Ashram on the banks of the most sacred River Narmada. Niradhara also teaches Yoga at the Royal Heritage properties of Ahilya Fort and Labbooz Lodge, for guests with a room booking, upon request.  Teaching Yoga to visitors benefits Niradhara’s Swar Ashram charity work. Niradhara is also offering continuing education for YA teachers as a registered YACEP.

parvatiasanShe has studied Yoga since 1973 including the past 15 years living at Ashrams for study of  Agnihotra & Yajnya (Fire Ceremonies), Sanskrit and Yogic Sadhana.  Niradhara earned her Certification in Hatha Yoga in the Himalayas at Kailash Tribal Yoga School and is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT and Certified Yoga Education Provider, YACEP.  She graduated from The New Seminary and is ordained by The Interfaith Temple of NY as an Interfaith Minister. As a Minister,  she taught Yoga & Sacred Arts at MCI-F, a maximum security women’s prison in MA and to youth at risk through a Nantucket Sheriff’s Grant.  After her ordination, her devotion to Agnihotra led her to be called to serve the Master Shree Vasant at his Goshala on banks of the Sacred River Narmada.

ammafireAfter years of serving this community, Niradhara was appointed by Sw. Anant Ram to run his Ashram (SwAr Ashram),  and so she utilizes this auspicious location for the Yoga Retreats seen on this website.  Please see the SwArAshram instagram and  FB page for photos of SwAr Ashram and also the FB page for NIWS, the NGO linked above. Amma Niradhara is now beginning a Mentoring & Empowerment program for girl’s as a natural extension of her existing charity work at the Ashram.  A Scholars Program for the local youth which she is serving is also in the works.


SwAr Ashram – NARMADE HAR!

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