SwAr Ahram welcomes Deepak Kumar Pareek 16-27 January 2020  for an Epic Bhakti Yoga Pilgrimage – eleven paradigm shifting days & 10 nights immersed in the Art & Science of the Vibration of Sonic Energy by Pranic Flow – a Vocalization Workshop of Ancient Technologies:  Yoga of Voice Pilgrimage to SwAr Ashram on the banks of the sacred Narmada River with Deepak Kumar Pareek and your host & guide Amma Niradhara Mari.  Also joining us is our Special Guest Vinyasa Yoga Instructress, Maggie Hatzpanian.                                  (join the facebook event page)


In the classical tradition of Indian music, experience vocalization of pranic energies according to the science of sonic vibration – instructed by Deepak Kumar Pareek.  Embedded in an epic experience of Ancient Yogic Teachings, Technologies & Tours guided by Niradhara Amma of SwAr Ashram, part of the Maheshwar Fort on the banks of Narmada. Lodging is in the exclusive Gatehouse to the Fort’s Palace.  All vegan /pure veg meals, tours, Temples, Teachings, Philosophy, Nature, Yoga, Meditation, Agnihotra, Satsang, Kirtan, Yoga of Voice & more…. in this all-inclusive package.

Our esteemed guest Acharya, Deepak Kumar Pareek introduces the fundamentals of the classical Indian music system: (ragaas as well as devotional songs (bhajans), chanting (kirtan) and the philosophy and awareness of vocal expression.  Deepak guides students in meditative vocal exercises exploring raga and compositions and in use of the tamboura as a drone for the voice.  The workshop during this full Yogic pilgrimage will help to perfect your voice no matter what your singing style or level of experience.   This masterful guided time with Acharya Deepak gives you an immersive experience that enriches your connection to Pranic Source that you have for your whole life.

labboozbeeeater1Stay with us in charming heritage accommodation. These 6 exclusive rooms are hidden inside the actual 30ft thick walls of the Gatehouse to Maheshwar Fort’s Palace, 3 minutes walk along the Fort wall to SwAr Ashram, (also part of the Fort) located on Maheshwar Ghat.  The first 6 Earlybirds to Register get these exclusive rooms.


with  DEEPAK KUMAR PAREEK  & BOOK YOUR EARLY BIRD ROOM $1080/ usd DEPOSIT with BALANCE $1000/ usd on arrival

dkpnomorelori.JPGExperience Hatha, Raja, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga-s at the heart of the Motherland, on the banks of the most sacred River Narmada, among ancient important Temples and Ashrams mentioned in the Shastra-s.  The Source Energies are palpable here, Maheshwar is the dwelling place of Shiva & Narmada Devi is the only place in the world where the Stones known as Shivalingams are formed by a natural occurance millions of millenia ago.  These Sacred Stones are revered as pure Shiva Energy and can be found in nearly every Temple throughout India..  The bare footprints of the greatest Rishi-s and Maharaji-s of all time linger in the atmosphere where they have meditated sitting on these very stone ghats, among the countless ancient Shivalingams that are installed since time immemorial along the riverbanks and ghats.  This is our idyllic authentic environment which remains pure to its roots amidst a developing India.


In addition to the workshops with Acharyaji Deepak,  he will fill our nights in the Temples, Ashram, boats and ghats with the Bhakti Yoga of Music!   During the days, the Classical Hatha, Raja, Jnana and Karma Yogas will be experienced, each in their most beneficial space and time. Amma Niradhara, our resident Spiritual Mother & Ashram director, curates and produces tours by foot, car and boats to natural and sacred sites nearby on day trips.   She guides you into Sanskrit esoteric texts (Mandukopanishad, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Soundarya Lahari, Spandakarika). She leads you into the Ancient Technologies, Teachings & Therapies  of Agnihotra, Kundalini Kriya, Tantric Karanas out in among Nature, as well as within the shroud of SwAr Ashram’s partly-ruins facade, and in the womb-like walls of Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir.

With Amma Niradhara’s guidance there is a full Ashram program every day beginning with Agnihotra, Hatha Yoga, (Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Kriya, Mantra & Meditation), Ashram Aarti.  You participate in rituals at sacred sites, as well as immerse in Deepak Kumar Pareek’s Classical Sacred Music Yoga of Voice in the Mornings after Breakfast. You get to experience all aspects (limbs) of the Yoga practices in its authentic context, Old World India, on the Narmada Riverfront at SwAr Ashram, you get access to SwAr Ashram Library’s rare Vedantic books, & of course Kirtan to revel in the Holy Names. 

DSC_7801.JPGAt SwAr Ashram, we practice Agnihotra as a Sandhya Sadhana and you get full training and practice with your own kit, ebooks and a printout manual.  

All meals are included: the Cafe is attached to the Lodging and has hygienic healthy delicious pure plant-based local food and reverse osmosis water. 

Besides being the base for all the Yoga of Voice, and a full curriculum of Yogic Technologies, Teachings & Therapies, SwAr Ashram also provides cooking class, sharing of Traditional Arts, opportunity for participation and observation of our Charitable Initiatives, (funded by this Event’s profits) the launch site for the Sacred Teaching Tours, Ayurvedic Massage, Facials, Reiki & Reflexology, shopping assistance from our Ashram Ambassadors & more.    

Transport is incl from pick up at the local Indore airport – all inclusive except airfare.  You get an Agnihotra Kit & a wonderfully thoughtful Welcome Bag, full of the perfect gifts to make your stay more wonderous as well as to remember us by when you return home – the teaching tools and gifts given on arrival are each worth over $100.

Deepak Kumar Pareek is a classical singer &  composer from India.


His work covers a spectrum of musical styles : ghazals (romantic poetry), bhajans (devotional songs), kirtan (call and response chanting) and classic film songs.  He plays harmonium  and guitar and is accompanied by tabla drums.

He has recently toured with Musifir, the internationally acclaimed Rajasthani Gypsy musicians and acrobats, and has performed with award winning “Danzactiva” in Puerto Rico and New York City.

A respected Acharya of Indian Classical Vocal Instruction,  Deepak is a Director on staff at the East West School of Music at Ananda Ashram, Monroe NY. 

We are very fortunate to have a Musician  and Acharya of his quality join us as both a Teacher and Performer, for our January Bhakti Yoga Pilgimage to SwAr Ashram, featuring Deepak Kumar’s Yoga of Voice.

Deepak has performed in concert at venues worldwide including : Ananda Ashram, Sivananda Ashram ( Bahamas),  Cornell University, Omega Institute, Amherst College, Haverford College, University of Pennsylvania, The Society for Universal Sacred Music, and more.   He has performed at venues too numerous to list all over India,  as well as, he has performed at SwAr Ashram, and at a private viewing in the Maheshwar Fort’s Ahilya Palace and several of the most important Mandirs in town during his visits to us at Maheshwar MP.


Come join us,

Step into a place that is timeless, where you will become one with the Vibration of Sound under the skillful guidance of Acharya Deepak Kumar Pareek.

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INQUIRE: about the event with partial Karma Yoga Scholarships.


A unique and valuable offering of SwAr Ashram’s pilgrimage immersion retreats is the authenticity of our location in a non-tourist part of india where westerners rarely get to find.  This is intentional.  Hindusthanis want to keep these holy and heritage parts of India pure, they limit how many come from the west by keeping the route a bit inconvenient off the beaten track – and they don’t market to the west so that it doesn’t turn into a façade for the yoga teacher puppy mills like Rishikesh or Varanasi.  In fact, they call our town (Maheshwar), the Gupta Kashi, the Secret Varanasi.  Here is what Varanasi was like before air travel tourism took over.  They say that Ganga was chosen to be promoted to the international tourism market because she is the second of the Sacred River Sisters.  The most holy Narmada is to be kept protected for the future generations of the Hindustani nationals of India.  Let me explain this.

What makes Narmada the holiest of all the 7 sacred Rivers in India, is that she is the only River in which the Shivalingams were formed.   Nearly every Hindu home mandir has one – or within feet away in the nearest public Mandir (Temple) in every nook and cranny of India you will find Shivalingams being worshipped.  The legend goes that millions of years ago, a meteor scorched the Earth here, melting and fusing the layers of rocks creating a unique fusion: crypto-crystaline quartz.  This meteor-skidktghatpuja3 formed the Nimar Valley.  Shiva, from his vantage point of Amarkantak in the mountains, upon seeing the scar on Mother Earth (Prthivi), shed tears, that flowed down, forming the River along this bed.  This became known as Narmada, the delightful River-Daughter of Shiva.  The cool water flowing over the molten rock, solidified the dual-tone fusion stones into oblong ovoids that can be found in no other place on Earth. These stones dubbed Shivalingams,  are the product of pure fire-water Shiva-Shakti Energies and support Kundalini activation electromagnetically, working with the body’s Pranic/ electromagnetic field by resonance with all 5 elements contained in them.  All Shivalingam connect by magnetic energy to each other by the Pranic Field anywhere in the world, in all places and times. This massive magnetic intelligence is what makes this stone, in my opinion, the most powerfully accurate dowser.

So holy, ancient and important are these Sacred Stones, that Narmada is spared the tourism traps that would have surely depleted the finite resource of the Shivalingams.


There is a saying attributed to Markendeya, a devotee of our River Narmada – one must dip in the Ganga 7 times to become cleansed of karmas but one may only glance once at Narmada to get fully purified.  It is said that Ganga herself comes here at night to purify herself in the Narmada, dressed as a black cow, she returns each morning to her own riverbed dressed as a white cow.

Here is SwAr Ashram (click if the map doesnt come up on this page) located in Maheshwar MP India on the banks of the River Narmada.  Niradhara Amma has lived here 12 yrs and directs this micro-ashram entrusted to her by Guru Swami Anantram whom the Ashram is named for, SwAr is an acronym for his name. 

This is a small holy rural town and more uniquely, we are a heritage town with an ancient Fort on the River Narmada.  So aside from the religious significance of the River Narmada and all her Temples, there is also the heritage significance of the mighty Queen Ahilya who had a long peaceful reign here nearly 300 years ago, reviving a formerly Mughal Fort by patronizing artists, and who is still venerated and beloved by the entire town which thrives today because of her descendants revival of her handloom weaving patronage.  She built the structure at the easternmost end of her Fort, now called SwAr Ashram after the last Guru who inhabited it.  We will tour and teach you all about this, the temples, the surrounding nature and river and stones, with experiences you will never forget.

Read further to find what else you experience when you visit SwAr Ashram for this pilgrimage immersion yoga retreat.

On this unprecedented, unique gathering of Guru Bhaiya and Behun, (brother and sister of the same Guru) we must put a special offer out to the Ananda Ashram community. Many of this vast community stay in touch by social media.  Deepak and Niradhara have only been in touch by this means over the past decade and a half.  Fifteen to twenty years ago,  Niradhara lived at Ananda Ashram as a resident staff member (Shri Brahmanada’s arhivist) where Deepak’s Musical career in the states blossomed and where he is now Director of Ananda Ashram’s East-West School of Music.  They are each devotees of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, the Rajasthani Guru of Ananda Ashram in NY.

The blessing of inspiration for Deepak’s offering of his talents for January 2020 at SwAr Ashram, was during his last year’s visit to his family home in Rajasthan, he took a spur of the moment trip to Maheshwar, in January 2019, to Niradhara’s home of the last 12 years, SwAr Ashram.


As a Yogini since the age of 13, Niradhara has been studying and practicing the Yogas for 46 years.  17 years ago, she was initiated into Agnihotra and as an advanced practitioner was invited to her Yajnyachara’s home & goshala in India for Somayajnyas.  So, the Motherland called her in her mid-forties, and Niradhara did not hesitate to return to her ancient hOMe of certainly many births.  Here, she discovered, among the great Gurus of our time,  a timeless Mother, the River Narmada Herself, and a mighty Maharani (Queen) Ahilya who built the Fort that now encompasses SwAr Ashram on its easternmost corner.

These immense Feminine Energies nurture us along with our guests here at SwAr Ashram.  We invite you to join us at this highly spiritual, secret location, for this once in a lifetime event :  A Bhakti & Yoga Pilgrimage Yoga of Voice with Deepak Kumar Pareek .