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NARMADE HAR ! sacred river ༺ 🔥 ༻ sacred fire ༺ 🔥 ༻ sacred stones ༺ 🔥 ༻ sacred movement ༺ 🔥 ༻ sacred chant ༺ 🔥 ༻ sacred activism

༺ 🔥 ༻  You have found your way here for a reason. Here is a portal to a mystical place, life on a Secret Sacred River, where Nature is Omniscient and Omniscience is within each and every sentient and insentient being. The primitive ways are often the most esoterically advanced. Here, we intuit and explore, here we gather to remember what we were born to know, that every breathe of fresh air, every stone and handful of dirt, every drop and rivulet of water, every flicker of a flame is sacred and all-knowing. At birth, we are intimately connected to other beings, our Mother, our beloved animal companions, in a way that becomes hidden in the world of Maya. Life on the holy river Narmada is closer to that innocence that lies just beneath thickened skin. When you gaze into this Sacred River, if you take a dip, all outer manifestations of pretense disappear. It is a passive Tattva Shuddhi, evoked by the gentle electromagnetic forces present here, at the center of the most sacred Narmada River. As you align your steps with the rhythm where being-ness meets another dimension, gradually it dissolves the calcified deposits of worldly life, opening the human vehicle to a New Paradigm.

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Welcome! Narmade Har!  This is AmmaNiradhara’s page to assist with Yoga visitors to SwAr Ashram.  i do this work strictly as a volunteer Managing Director because it is my hOMe bequethed to my charge by Swami Anant Ram.  i am the Mother (Amma) of this Gurukula Ashram with its Vedantic Library & of course Yoga. The joy of sharing this location with visitors is my most cherished dharma.  Costs are kept reasonable as there is no middleman, i am a sevaka doing this as a service to those who wish to visit us and have the experience they have always longed for, tools for spiritual awakening and ongoing support.  You become a member of our Ashram family.  We provide you with safe lodging and healthy food and activities, all is inclusive except airfare.  The costs are covered as you book upfront and Ashram donation is payable on arrival in rupees.  it’s simple!  You can contact me with any questions about the Yoga Events that i host in India.  You can call me Amma.  Many of you have been directed here personally by me. If you are one of those, you know my devotion to Sacred Fire. It is just as likely you share that devotion. If you are just starting out on the Path of Yoga, or if you have been (like me) on the Path for decades, Mother India is the flame that ignited your Fire, too. This Ancient India Yogic Experience starts with the origins of That Fire. The Inner Fire. Here is a link to my page which details Agnihotra. (in the near future i plan to migrate all of that data to the website you are viewing now.) This Yoga retreat can be an introduction for the curious novice, or a review of your entire life’s practice as an experienced yogi/ni, designed to take you hOMe. This journey meets each of us where we are, and is about taking us all deeper into the Inner Yajnya. The internal practice is the seat of personal power and is the key to a life-changing Experience.

Enter Maheshwar, the Gupta Kashi (Secret Varanasi). In January 2017, I enter my 10th year living on this Sacred River in India. Many of you have expressed interest in what this lifestyle is all about. With immense joy and gratitude I have come to the place where I may now offer to share the fruits of this Path with you. It is the the trip of a lifetime – Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ashram, Temples, Agnihotra, Sanskrit, Vedic Philosophy, Heritage, Culture, Healthy Meals, Tours by boat, car & foot, Spirituality, Chanting the Holy Names on the Narmada ghat in front of the sacred River, SwAr Ashram and its surrounding major Temples. Will you join us?

Since my first yoga pilgrimage retreat (11- 21 January 2017), a continuing stream of requests to do it again have been coming in. Photos can be seen on the SwArAshram instagram and facebook pages. It so successfully invoked inquiries of future events that already there are more EIYEs scheduled

13 -23 November 2017 Embodying the Divine Mother / Ancient India Yoga Retereat – co-hosted with Mirabai Moon  Coming to know yourself as an bhaktimotherembodiment of the Divine Mother and living from that space, that consciousness. Imagine waking every day to a deep sense of your own sacredness, forever raised above the mundane because your every breath is infused with the knowing of who you are… I am Ma, I am Ma, I am Ma. We must create an atmosphere for Divine embodiment. It’s already there within us, but it is veiled. We forget who we are. We have been dis-empowered. In this retreat we will set the stage for that veil to drop. We will learn spiritual practices that will lead us to uncovering the Divine Mother within and move into full embodiment of the Goddess. Each day will begin with Puja to the Divine Mother, guided meditation, and gentle hatha yoga that will make our bodies feel loved and nurtured. Days will be spent exploring and connecting with nature. There will be ample time for reflection, journaling, and group sharing. Evenings will be spent engaged in devotional chanting and sacred dances that will deliver us to a state of Oneness with each other and the world around us. Through experience of this Oneness, the Divine Mother within is awakened. We become an ocean of compassion, of love and light. We will also be exposed to some avenues in which we can assist in the empowerment of other women and young girls as part of this process including SwAr Ashram’s Shakti Project – a girl’s educational support and empowerment program, including Mentoring. The time is now….Goddess AWAKE! more from Mirabai Moon here and her website.her website.

13 – 23 December 2017 Ancient India Solstice Yoga Retreat co-hosted by Shakti Saraswati. $1254/- to $1554/-  see room choices below/ with a deep respect for the powerfully transformative potential of yoga, Shakti shares solsticeher gifts by running Yoga Teachers Training at her hOMe in Wexford, Ireland, Earthwise Yoga, a peaceful sanctuary where she creates space for daily ritual and sadhana. She is trained in Womb Yoga for Women’s Well Being, Holistic Therapies, Sacred Plant Medicine, Reiki and is a Moon Mother offering womb blessings and womb healings for women. The Solstice retreat is designed to follow the original AIYE format with the addition of being present at Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir – a unique electromagnetic Earth/ Space-Time marker – a Stargate – which was built in the center of Narmada River over 4,000 years ago and is written about in the Shiva Purana. Similar to Stonehenge and other astro-physical monuments, there is a precious connection to SwAr Ashram in that the below phenomenal tridevic Sun/Temple/River sight can be witnessed each Winter Solstice from the SwAr Library window or the ghat directly in front of the SwAr Ashram entrance. We will perform rituals and sound baths inside this very ancient temple. This retreat is focused on teaching Yogic tools for managing one’s own stress and trauma recovery while providing the ideal environment and experiences for spiritual awakening.  PRICING for this event is $1108, 1208 & 1354 usd depending on room choice below. inquire with any questions.

18-28 January 2018  Esoteric India Yoga Experience January 2018 with Amma Niradhara.  ༺ 🔥 ༻  ♥ i have taken great care to produce a retreat with a foundation of safety. ♥ the yoga instruction offers awareness for trauma care as well as your physical care for special needs. ♥ the lodging is in the actual Gatehouse to the local Palace and is gated and guarded. the rooms are beautifully restored with heritage materials and furnishings. ♥ Food from the lodge’s beautiful garden cafe is prepared with reverse osmosis water and is provided for drinking.  all meals are included and even the restaurants on the road tours are carefully chosen for health standards in food preparation. ♥ since ALL is included as listed above, you will be financially safe from typical tourist traps. ♥  i am teaching ancient esoteric disciplines from classical yoga, Mantra, Vedantic scriptures, Vedic fire rituals, and more.  we will take boat trips on the Narmada river to thousands of years old Ashram and an even more ancient Stargate temple in the center of the River,  visiting sacred sites, temples and ashrams, meeting locals, witnessing my charity work in action, eating traditional Indian cuisine and shopping in the local markets. ༺ 🔥 ༻Be in warm and wonderful India this winter,  Give yourself the gift of a mystical spiritual journey – an incredible chance to have an authentic Indian experience, off the beaten track and into the heart of Indian culture and spirituality. i have lived here 11 years, am the Amma of this micro ashram on this sacred river and am your guide on this journey.༺ 🔥 ༻  the Yogic offerings will take place at my hOMe SwAr Ashram in Maheshwar on the banks of the Narmada river, one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India, based at heritage lodging & ashram both part of the ancient fort.  ༺ 🔥 ༻ $1554/usd – per person for 10 nights /11 days.  either king, queen or twin beds,  shared room is discounted $100. partial work exchange opportunities are open for discussion.

If you are a Yoga Teacher please inquire about bringing your students here. Niradhara and SwAr Ashram are available to partner with other instructors and can provide YA Yoga Teachers with Continuing Education Credits. A donation to SwAr Ashram (in rupees) would be expected for her guidance and instruction as well as use of the Yoga and Library spaces in the Ashram and to pay the helpers needed to support a visiting Yoga Program. Each event is custom planned along with you to fit your needs, desires to teach and help cover your costs. We are in discussion for additonal October, December and January dates already, so please don’t hesitate!

Agnihotra and Homa fire ceremonies are learned and practiced hands-on at SwAr Ashram ever day and are integral to each Event.

Click each picture for an e-tour and scroll to the end of this page for the practical details of a marvelous Ten Day Yoga Pilgrimage designed to give you the tools and experiences of ancient Yogis.

Take this unique opportunity to experience ancient India as it merges with people who have one foot in the future of India as well as deep roots in its ancient heritage.


Practicals of the Ancient India Yoga Experiences

(please note the above retreats vary slightly in pricing due to the slight variation in program and inclusions.  the same deposit applies to all, and if you visit the event pages more pricing details are given as well as in some cases lower deposit incentives.  you will get a newsletter breaking down the pricing with your deposit or on request.)

When: see the dates in the descriptions above

*please try to schedule your arrival in Indore early in the day, so that we may all gather by sunset Agnihotra and have a welcome meal and itinerary run down, followed by Yoga Nidra to wind you down and adjust your inner clocks.

Where: Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India – nearest airport: Devi Ahilyabai Airport, Indore. there is also a train station at Indore. Seasoned travelers to India may get a ‘tatkal’ train ticket from Mumbai or Delhi. New travelers are advised to get a connecting flight to Indore. Its a long procedure by train. The short flight is worth it and will save 2-4 days in arrival and departure time. All of my guests will be picked up by car from Indore. Email me, i have made a newsletter with all the important details about travel in India which i can forward to you.

What will be included: pick up and drop off at whichever Indore terminal you choose, touring transportation to OMKareshwar, Sahasradhara and many more local destinations, Boat transportation to ancient River Temples, an ancient Ashram across the river from my Ashram and points of interest, Walking tours around the ghats, Temples, Rajwada, local NGOs and town market, 2 Yoga sessions per day, 2 Agnihotra per day and various other Yajnas, Puja daily, a deluxe Vedic Fire Rituals Kit, ebooks and spiral bound support materials, Yoga Sutra and Upanishad studies, Tattva Shuddhi, Chanting and Singing, all Meals (Vegan by default and other dietary restrictions taken into account – please inform upon booking), lodging 10 nights at Labboo’z Gatehouse in front of Ahilya Fort’s Maheshwar Palace. In short, yoga, eastern philosophy, culture, heritage, spirituality and local healthy food!

How much daana: all-inclusive package (excluding of airfare) average $1008. – 1554. usd, depending on which of the Retreats above and which room you choose. INQUIRE FOR EXACT PRICE  it varies a little according to dates and which rooms are available for those dates.  This trip supports the local Maheshwar economy and the profit after rooms, meals and tours goes as a donation to SwAr Ashram for hosting the Yoga, Meditation, Vedantic Study, Lifestyle and Ethics, as well as organizing all the tours and accommodations, food, etc, which are integral parts of the experience. The Ashram charities include welfare programs which provide advancement in the local community’s educational interests – particularly focused on upliftment and empowerment of women & girls.  For the upliftment of the lower castes, SwAr Ashram provides Free Yoga, English classes & books and Computer & Internet Access as well as its Vedantic Interfaith Theosophical Library.

The Lodging is in the Royal Heritage Gatehouse to Ahilya Fort, Labboo’z Lodge – the actual Gatehouse of the actual working living heritage Maheshwar Palace Fort (pictured above and in the Gallery below). This space is very limited (5 rooms/ 6 beds) and assigned on the basis of first deposits to secure those rooms.  They have A/C, wifi and beautiful marble bathrooms, all towels and bedding are there for your use, antiques from the Raj’s family collection, and they have various types of terraces attached.

(Basic Singles Package) – Three rooms each have 1 queen bed. One person per room with private bath – Booking this way will assure you a private room.

(Basic Couples Package) – The same 3 rooms each can accommodate 2 in a shared queen bed, the same as above private room with private bath, but for couples or friends sharing the bed, $100 discounts per person apply based on double occupancy.

(Dormer Package) – Only one of the rooms has a pair of twin beds which can accommodate 2 friends traveling together, parent and child or anyone looking for the best price and willing to have a roommate.   They are gorgeous antique beds in a ground level room with original fort bricks in the room.

(Deluxe Package) – 1 room has a king bed.  the room has 2 private decks and a rooftop overlooking the whole town.  perfect for a couple who want a bit more privacy.  it is on top of the Gatehouse to Maheshwar Palace, over the actual gate, with unique private bath chambers. it feels like a honeymoon suite.

***** for larger groups, there is also an over-flow hotel – it is a beautiful newer hotel done in heritage style, (double beds only). This hotel will be considered only after the Gatehouse is full, please email me for details and package pricing.

  • What else does it take? Inquire about the package price for the accommodation that suits your requirements. It starts with your deposit BELOW to hold your room and a ticket for an aeroplane. I recommend Suma Travels in NY if you are new to this. They will do your booking securely by phone and email. They are not affiliated with this Yoga Pilgrimage and you are free to book your flight anywhere you like. Do a quick search on line from your home city to Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport in Indore (IATA: IDR, ICAO: VAID) , prices change constantly, but generally, If you book well in advance – now – you will get the best rate. Then click the super expedited e-visa page for the new streamlined visa on arrival.

Are you ready for the first step?

At this late juncture, a $777,/- deposit is required to hold your spot.  It is non-refundable so please have your airline worked out before committing.  i will email you a set of my ebooks which are support material for this Yoga trip. Space in the Lodge is limited to 6 singles, up to 10 people accounting for possible couples in shared beds.  The first booked get first choice of rooms above, please indicate which retreat dates and which room is your first and second preference in the paypal notes.

This payment is to hold your space.   The second payment secures the room we agree upon availability and so it will vary accordingly. These rooms must be paid in advance and the deposit is non-refundable until i re-book the room.  Once your room is secured, we can work out a payment system for you over the remaining months.  Of course you can pay in full at anytime.  However, the last payment of the balance should be paid in rupees on arrival,  This is for the host SwAr Ashram’s donation. It should equal $300 but be converted to rupees before arriving. You can do that at the airport or any Indian ATM.   If you need a customized payment plan arrangement, i can accommodate that, but please communicate this in advance.  Once you see a monthly payment schedule for your chosen room rate, you will see that it is quite easy and affordable when booked well in advance.

At the time you have your flight itinerary, please let me know your arrival time and flight number so we may greet you with a car at Indore airport.


Use the currency converter for euros or other currencies. also check out the rupees rate of conversion FYI as per dollars, etc so you know how much rupees converts to your currency.

agnikit1This package also includes a deluxe Agnihotra Travel Kit in a steel box. if you do not want the kit or already have your own to bring, email me to let me know so that i may adjust your package price. Extra kits may be available as well. Please inform me at the time of booking.

if you want more of the ‘free tour’ click the GALLERY:



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